Exterior Building Signs

Our Exterior Building Signs are great as a street indicator for businesses, schools, and Venues. Built to stand up to all types of weather, they’re able to be post-mounted, wall-mounted, and monument mounted. Since these Signs are job specific all our units are made to order, giving you freedom in design. Exterior  signage not only directs and welcomes customers and employees, but begins to set the entire tone for the structure. Signs & Custom Metal, Inc. has experience in creating all types of exterior signage. From monument signs, back-lit channel letters on the top of buildings, to custom shapes and logos, we can make your exterior signage look great while staying within budget constraints.

Interior Building Signs

A building's interior signage does more than direct a customer where to go. It sets a tone and feel for the office that makes both employees and customers feel safe, welcome, and relaxed. From cubicle signs to door signs to restroom and other ADA-required signage, Signs & Custom Metal, Inc.  has the creative edge and practical experience to manufacture the perfect sign for your building's interior.  With custom interior signage turn your logo, company graphic or trademark into a custom interior sign. We have fabricated custom interior signs for: small companies, large corporations, retail stores and city governments. Our design staff is very skilled at achieving the look that your company or organization deserves.

Lobby Signs

Signs & Custom Metal, Inc. Lobby Signs are made from a vast variety of metals, acrylics and laminates.  Logos and letters are made to your specifications and needs. We can also manufacture custom items with any material you specify.


Signs & Custom Metal, Inc. two and three dimensional plaques can be made from a wide variety of materials to achieve the finest quality and workmanship in producing your logo and letters.

ADA Compliant Signs

Signs & Custom Metal, Inc. is a wholesale manufacturer of custom architectural and ADA compliant signs. Whether your primary concern is affordability, durability, or functionality with respect to ADA compliance, our team of experts will assist you with all your signage needs from start to finish.

Vinyl Lettering and Graphics

Vinyl lettering or professional graphics, whatever kind of lettering you need, Signs & Custom Metal, Inc. can create and install your custom vinyl lettering. Letters are customized to your measurements and specifications. Vinyl letters and graphics can be applied to nearly any smooth surface. Imagine any message or sign on a window, door, wall or floor.  You can even achieve the look of etched glass, in an adhesive graphic. You can choose from a variety of colors for your vinyl lettering and graphics.

Nameplate Strips

We offer two categories of strips: illuminated and non-illuminated, which are laser etched, acid etched and engraved, or we have film negative strips offered for illuminated directories. There are a variety of illuminated laser engraved strips with different interlocking styles and sizes to choose from. Film Negatives strips have an overall height of 5/8", while accepting a 1/2" film negative. We can also custom manufacture strips to your specifications. Our non-illuminated strips come in a few different styles. Our strips fit most directories, but we offer T-based and paper strips to replace in older directories.


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