Signs & Custom Metal, Inc. specializes in custom cast and cut out metal letters and logos to assure long lasting beauty to your monuments and overall design.  Logos and letters are available in Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Chrome, Stainless Steel and Acrylics.

Cast Metal Letters

Cast Metal letters and number are great for interior and exterior signage. Cast metal letters provide greater dimension than flat cut metal letters and they are available in a variety anodized finishes, colors. We also carry Cast Bronze letters.

Metal Letters

Metal Letters and Numbers are suitable for interior and exterior signage. Metal sign letters are available in Natural satin, anodized and painted finishes as well as custom logos and fonts. We also carry Brass letters metal letters, Bronze metal letters, Nouveau Patina metal letters, Stainless Steel metal letters, Copper finished metal letters, Hot Rolled Steel finish letters and polished metal letters.

Acrylic Laminate Letters

Acrylic laminate to high-density foam provides added dimension to a high gloss acrylic. Great for logos, letters, and graphics. Acrylic laminate letters are only used for interior signage needs, and are easy to install.

Acrylic Letters w/Metal Face

In silver, gold, bronze or copper, metal laminated to acrylic is always striking for letters, logos, and graphics. Acrylics with metal-faced letters are only used for interior signage needs, and are easy to install.

Logo Signage

Metal offers a natural style and beauty as ancient as our desire to create, and acrylic logos and custom letters never looked so good. Our waterjet cutter and computer-driven routers cut each letter and Logo to precision in Aluminum, Acrylic, Bronze, Brass, Copper and Steel. These highly engineered manufacturing systems give you the opportunity to cost-effectively create a matching custom rendition of your logo or special graphics. We can even have your custom exterior sign installed for you if needed.

State of the art equipment ensures the best looking logos and letters.

Guaranteed for LIFE!

Channel Letters

Channel Letters are great for interior or exterior signage. We offer 3 types of channel letters;

1. Injection molded channel letters with an acrylic face and trim

2. We also offer custom channel letters. These channel letters are custom fabricated to your exact specifications and are formed using the finest non-corrosive aluminum for the cans and a acrylic face and trim to match your color specs.

3. We also offer reverse channel letters. The channel letters are custom fabricated to your specifications and come in a variety of metal finishes and colors.


We also do silkscreening. request a quote or contact us for more info.

Digital Printing

We do digital printing on various medias with different finishing.  Because each job is unique, you can contact us for pricing and finishing options.



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